Success Stories



Our clients routinely earn more money with the consulting and systems available from Northwest Benefit Auctions.  Each week, our staff assists from a few to several dozen clients, depending on the "season."  March and November are the busiest months, with February, April, May, October and September as the next busiest.  While there are numerous "success stories" each month, here are some from events where we had a significant impact.


Mariners Christian School, Newport Beach, CA 


Although they have had many events and achieved much success over the years, they had hit a "plateau" just below $200,000 where they had stayed for several years.  As one of our clients, we invited their auction chairs to attend our Auction Workshop last year.  There, the chairs learned numerous new techniques for taking their event "to the next level."


After implementing several new ideas learned at the Workshop, such as a better way to organize their Silent auction, additional "revenue enhancers" during the Live auction, and better marketing displays of the items, plus the addition of matching funds, the event in March of 2005 earned over $500,000.  You can imagine the excitement at the school when the parents realized a 250% gain in one year!


"We did everything you said to do in the Workshop, and increased our revenue from $189,000 last year to over $525,000 this year!  The entire school is buzzing!"   Betsy Marchiorlatti-Mariners Christian School, Newport Beach


Not all clients achieve this level of success in one year.  However, it is typical for clients to exceed their expectations.  We have conducted nearly 2,000 charity auctions, and we have learned numerous ways to increase the income for our clients.  Let us show you how to take your event to the next level.  If you can, plan on attending an Auction Workshop.  You will be well on your way to greater levels of success!


University School of Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI


University School of Milwaukee had not conducted an auction in over 8 years.  There were only a handful of parents and alumni that had even attended the previous auction.  In January of 2004, the auction chairs for the 2004 auction contacted Northwest Benefit Auctions and asked for help in re-establishing an auction at the school.  After a special one day Workshop conducted at the school for the committee, all agreed that an aggressive goal was in order.  Northwest Benefit Auctions was selected as their auction management company and through a series of meetings, a goal of $500,000 was accepted by all parties.  Although this goal was quite high for what would amount to a "first time" auction, it was agreed that the community at the school was capable of supporting this goal provided the proper process was in place to achieve it.Working with Northwest Benefit Auctions on a consulting basis for five months, the proper process was put in place, and followed diligently by the auction committee.  Using numerous "revenue enhancing" techniques they learned at the Workshop, and with additional help through the consulting process, USM was able to achieve their goal, and netted in excess of $505,000 at their event in May 2004.

"Jay Fiske and the NWBA team added fresh ideas and techniques to our charitable event.  In a city where auctions are fundraising staples, Jay's new ideas and approaches provided additional avenues to raise money as well as to streamline some of the more difficult administrative events of charity auctions.  Our attendees loved QUICK CHECK! and Raise the Paddle.  Jay put the FUN back into auction planning."   Mary Sprague - University School of Milwaukee
SeaDocs, Orcas Island Washington
The SeaDocs Society is a research program of the University of California, Davis and is based on Orcas Island, Washington.  Their first fund raising effort was in July 2008.  The location selected was a private home capable of hosting 100 people maximum.  With such a limited amount of space, and the need to maximize revenue, some "outside the box" thinking was required.  Northwest Benefit Auctions as engaged to provide consulting to and training of the SeaDocs Auction Committee.  Techniques specifically designed to work within the parameters of a cocktail party conducted in confined quarters were employed so the revenue could be maximized without impacting the ability of the patrons to enjoy the "party." 
When the party was over, the SeaDocs had successfully raised in excess of $90,000, nearly $40,000 above their goal of $50,000.  The same event one year later (July 2009) duplicated the process, and again earned in excess of $90,000, proving the techniques employed were sound and a repeatable process was in place.  The 2010 event is already on the calendar.
Not all organizations are going to achieve this level of success with their first event.  But all organizations can benefit from following a successful process that will yield predictable results.  This is the specialty of Northwest Benefit Auctions.  Let us show you how to set an aggressive goal, then how to achieve it every time.