Kim Thayer


      Kim Thayer  



I started working with NW Benefit Auctions about 7 years ago when I met Jay by helping him with his airline ticketing to go to auctions. (I was working for Alaska Airlines)


He told me about what he did, and was such a compassionate, caring, great guy, I knew it must be a good thing.


I had helped at auctions for our local gymnastic center and when Jay asked me to come work at an auction to see if I was a good "fit", I was very excited to join with NW Benefit Auctions.


Since then, I have helped at many auctions and find each one very special and unique. The fabulous chair-people and volunteers constantly amaze me with their generosity and talents.


The people I work with are very special as well, they are so skilled and easily the best in the industry. We have great teamwork and flow between us (Event Coordinators, Auctioneers, Event Staff, etc) and I am so happy to have made such great friends through NW Benefit Auctions.