Your guests' experience is strongly influenced by the check-in and cashiering process. Let Northwest Benefit Auctions help you make these experiences positive for your guests by showing you how to eliminate lines and unnecessary wait times.


The first impression of your event your guests will receive is how they are greeted at check-in. If you set up a system that reduces or eliminates any line during the check-in process, your guests will be impressed - and will begin their evening in a great mood. Likewise, the last impression your guests receive of your event is the cashiering process. Reduce or eliminate any cashiering line, and you will send them home in a great mood as well. These first and last impressions are lasting, and set the tone for your event. Northwest Benefit Auctions is known nationally as the creators of the no-hassle check-in and check-out processes. Frankly, with us helping you manage your event, you will have no lines. That is our trademark service.


Northwest Benefit Auctions uses a variety of techniques to ensure that your cashiering line is eliminated. These techniques have been tested for over ten years and in over hundreds of auctions. Your guests will appreciate our approach, which is professional, easy to employ by volunteers, and is designed to maximize the guests' enjoyment of their evening.


Northwest Benefit Auctions will customize a consulting and support services package that meets your needs. These services include the training and supervision of your volunteers, set up of a hassle free registration and cashiering system, and the use of an on-site coordinator to assure a smooth operation with minimal stress on your committee. And through our relationship with AuctionPay, your cashiering process will be vastly improved, your guests will stay at the party longer, your committee will have less work to do after the event, and guests' credit card numbers and personal information will be maintained in a confidential and secure manner. For users of AuctionMaestro Pro software, the bid activity throughout the evening will be automatically synchronized with the AuctionPay payment system.


You guests will have both a first and a last impression of your event. With Northwest Benefit Auctions, these can both be positive impressions for them, and a lasting tribute to the hard work your committee has dedicated to making your event a success.