Auction Coordinators

Event Coordinators are our most highly trained and experienced staff personnel. The Event Coordinator is responsible for meeting with the client prior to the date of the event to provide consultation and coordination for the volunteers and event staff. During these meetings, the logistics of the evening are agreed upon, the volunteers are trained in their roles, and the event evening agenda is solidified. The concept is one of prior planning and careful execution of an event day plan that will focus on minimizing the hassles for the guests, and reducing stress on volunteers and the committee. We also supply auction consultants for your organization to assist in the pre event planning of audience development and item procurement. Often, these consultants are event coordinators as well.


Northwest Benefit Auctions provides professional consultants who will work closely with your committee to make yours a successful event. We guarantee our consulting services will earn a minimum of 20% more from your event revenue. Ask us for details of our money back guarantee. Your success is our mission. Let us prove to you how our fee is merely a fraction of the increased revenue you will generate by using our full consulting services.


The event coordinator is the "at the event" extension of your auction consultant. Coordinators are there to assist you throughout your event by:

  • Training volunteers
  • Trouble-shooting set-up
  • Overseeing registration, data entry, filing, etc.
  • Supervising Cashiering

An event coordinator from Northwest Benefit Auctions can be the best investment you can make for a smoothly running event that eliminates the stress of the evening for guests and volunteers alike.